Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Millions of Peaches.... Day 2 & 3

Saturday started with the parade. I did consider doing the 5k, but I'm still in PT for my knee and my therapist wasn't exactly overjoyed with that idea, so I applaud all those who sweated it out in the early morning heat. The only sweating I did came from just siting in the sun waiting for the parade to begin. I must say I was disappointed in the turn out... the crowd didn't seem as large as it has in the past. We however, were there in full force. Here's our parade crew:


The boys scored big time with the candy and cups... though mom took a now or later to the eye.

After the parade we meandered our way through the arts and crafts booths. Such cute stuff. I could have easily spent my paycheck in there, but managed to keep it under control for my new floors! There was plenty of jams & jellies, dips & salsa and ice cream to be found. I loved the cupcake stuff by Randi Anderson. She has such cute things...I will definitely be ordering some gifts from her!

We pushed our way through the sweaty mass of people and slipped a way for a late Father's Day surprise: bloodhounds! Will loved the puppies, unfortunately they can't come home yet. This is Maggie: src=

And her brother Woodrow:


Saturday night was more music in the park. Asleep at the Wheel is Texas swing at its best. Such an entertaining group to watch, they played a little bit of everything. We really enjoyed them. Even Will put away his DS for the evening... well for a little while :)
Sunday found us once again, back at the park, this time for the pet show. Marty and I used to enter our pets when we were little, so I thought it would be a good chance for Will to show off his favorite dog, Roxie. We entered her in outstanding dog and in the best costume (statue of liberty). He was quite upset that she didn't win anything. His final comment: "What's wrong with them? Don't these people like freedom?"

 src=Today is my mom's birthday, but we took her to dinner Sunday night so I could celebrate with her. I love you mom! Hope you had a fabulous birthday! Here's almost all of the family at Chili's:


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Deb said...

What a sweet pic at the top of your blog!

I love the peach fest pics of you all...Will is a doll....and Happy Birthday to your Mom. Sorry I missed Asleep at the Wheel. I know they were great.