Thursday, July 24, 2008

Free at last!

Yes, we have escaped from the loft! Yesterday we painted all the quarter round to match the baseboards (after tracking down trim paint that hadn't separated into nasty looking liquids). While they dried we took in a little minor league baseball at the Dell. Much to our delight, one of our favorite rising starts was back on the roster, JR Towles. We met him at Spring Training and he is such a nice guy. I had to get a picture, even if it meant doing the pouty lip and sad eyes after the game. ***At this point I would post said picture, but my stupid computer won't recognize my SD card tonight and I'm too lazy to walk downstairs and find the cable*** But trust me, it's a cute picture that I will be putting up in my classroom.
Yesterday was also Will's day of freedom; after 3.5 weeks he had his cast removed. I didn't think cast removal was going to be a big deal, but along the way he has apparently been told that the saw of choice is a chainsaw. We had to do a lot of reassuring, and eventually the cast came off. He wanted to keep it. ***At this point I would insert the picture of Will's purple cast being used as a "bat weapon"... you know like something Batman carried in his utility belt... he even added wings to it***
Last night we moved the furniture back into the living room. Hallelujah! So happy to have my kitchen back and room to walk around. ***At this point I would put the before and after pictures of my fabulous new floors, but you can just imagine the rich mahogany***
 src= src=Now keep in mind that I chose really bad before pictures so the after would have a much greater impact (plus those were from pre-an orderly fashion) src= src=
Sorry for the pictureless blog... I feel like I shouldn't have even bothered blogging about it, but it's been 2 days since my last post and I was going through withdrawal. I promise in the morning I'll march downstairs and find the cable and all will be well. It will have to be after I get back from Schlitterbahn though :)*Pictures fairies have been here*

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