Thursday, July 31, 2008

5 years ago today...

I was attending my human resources orientation for my first official teaching job (English III). I was living on my own (with a 3 year old) in a new town, and excited about being a "city girl" for the first time in my life (you Ruston folks know what I'm talking about!) Little did I know that the orientation class would do more than just prepare me for the ins and outs of teacher retirement and insurance plans... it would introduce me to my husband!

As I sat at my table with my college friend AJ, she pointed out the cute blonde guy at the back. So sitting through all our paperwork lectures I would glance back at him. When we finally got a snack break, AJ drug me to the back of the room to "mingle". Lo and behold, we were both going to be at the same school... me as an English teacher and he as a band director. And that was it. Orientation wrapped and we headed our separate ways. No numbers were exchanged, just a friendly wave. (I should note here that he had been in town for exactly 12 hours... seriously, all his stuff was still in the U-Haul truck and he was staying at a hotel)

But for the next few days our paths would cross at even more new teacher trainings, breakfasts, and work days and eventually, at the prompting of AJ, he finally asked for my number. And then left town. (This would become a theme...)

Fast forward to the first date: He calls while I'm laying out at the pool in my "the place to live" apartment complex. He's just flown back in from his summer job and wants to know if I'm free that evening. I know, I know, all the dating books advise to say no if it's less than 24 hour notice before a date so you don't look desperate, but I had been living on pb&j and kool-aid. I thought it would be a nice change of pace. So, off to dinner at Chuy's. Don't remember much of dinner except the creamy jalapeno dip, which I ate about a gallon of. Conversation went pretty well as we talked about the new school and how we ended up there. He is not a big fan of the movie theater, so we decided to hit up blockbuster and watch them at his apartment. Here's where it gets fun. Movie starts (think it was a Bourne flick)... 15 minutes in I hear snoring. That's right, snoring. He. Has. Fallen. Asleep. I was a little confused, but really wanted to watch the movie and was sure which of the electronic disc changer gizmos he put it in, much less which of the thousand remotes operated it, so I stayed on the couch till the movie ended.. At which point he woke up, groggily mumbled "I'm really sorry" and went back to sleep. I went home.


So there you have it. Not the most auspicious beginning to our relationship, but I promise it got much much better.

And today, while he's on the road again, I got a little surprise:



Awwww... isn't he the best?


Jessica said...

Ooohh, Julie, that is so sweet.. I'm so happy that you're so happy!!

Shanna said...

Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my Spot!

Happy Anniversary! :)

Heather said...

Awwww...he IS the best. Happy Anniversary!! Oh, and I love this song..."no handlebars..."

Colleen said...

SO CUTE!! I remember that adorable pic of yall on the couch from your "office" in the copy/work room. Good times.

Tara said...

What a great guy! Happy "anniversary"!

Deb said... cute. I laughed about the sleeping. Nothing like be yourself right off the bat! haha I love a happy story and I am so glad you found each other. Bless you both!