Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sassy Sunday

As I try to put my living room back together, I caught inspiration here. I'm not a star girl myself, but had a batch of Fleur-de-lis I picked up on a trip to First Monday. They were too dark for the red walls, but with a little paint and some clear coat, I think they just might work. I started with plain metal.

Then I added 2 layers of "linen" acrylic paint with a paper towel. src=Followed by a shot of clear coat. I was pleasantly surprised by the effect the clear coat had on the acrylic. (I also don't know how to right side up this one). src=And here they are hanging together in the living room... (sorry about the glare) I have some additional ones I may add in as well. src=

There ya go, project # 2 done. Yay! Can't wait to see what else I have that can be painted and re-purposed!


Monica said...

I love it. I can't believe you just "accidentally" did it. I really wish I were able to just "do" things like that. Mine always look cheesy.

BF update: Going strong. She's at his mom's now. She kissed him in front of me...on purpose. Blah!

The Bargainista said...

LOOKS GREAT!! And hey, Im from Austin too! :) Love your blog!

Jessica said...

I love that Julie! It's so fun to "repurpose" items!! They look great!