Monday, September 27, 2010

The one with the baby shower

How in the world has it been 2 weeks since I blogged? I think I spend too much time fixing websites at work that when I'm faced with mine I just pretend it's going to post on its own. Oh well, I should probably blog about the other thing that's keeping me busy-- baby showers! Not for me, mind you, but hosted by me. Seems something is in the water in multiple locations and I have 3 friends/family members expecting.

The one baby I'm most excited about should be arriving any day, my nephew, Jackson Reid. I couldn't pass up the chance to throw a shin dig for my baby brother and his soon to be bundle of joy. As he and his wife are huge baseball fans (and the idea was to have a co-ed shower), we embraced the day at the ballpark theme.

Invites were inspired by Red Sox tickets

In lieu of a guest book, guests were invited to sign baseballs that will be used in the nursery decor.

We stuck with a red white and blue color palate and all the food you would find at a stadium. Pigs in a blanket, mini cupcakes, fruit and white chocolate dipped ritz crackers.
We also set up a nacho bar with all the toppings and an ice cream sundae station

Playing off the baseball theme, I made a name sign for Jackson's nursery. It worked perfectly above the nacho bar!

Popcorn and sunflower seeds served as decorations and appetizers :) Toss down a few baseball cards and a plastic base and it's a cheap cute centerpiece.

The bank loaned us a a popcorn machine that was a huge hit with the younger shower attendees, and the big boys as well.
Instead of playing shower games (my SIL isn't a fan) we turned on the games to keep the boys entertained.
The hostess crew and the mom-to-be.
The swag table... they have some seriously creative friends!

Diaper cake for the Red Sox fans. Super cute!It was such a fun shower and so easy to throw together! Most everything used in decorating was either edible or re-purposed into nursery decorations. I'm eagerly awaiting the arrival of this little slugger!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wordless Wednesday- do you copy?

It's all I can do not to quote Smokey and the Bandit all day at work. And that new appendage? It's like a GPS chip--- they can find me anywhere!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Day it Rained Forever...

or at least felt like it.

Nearly 30 hours of rain can not only make you want to curl up in bed and sleep the day away, it can cause some massive flash floods. As Hermine slowly winds her way northward, we are still trying to dry out in my neck of the woods.

Any time your morning commute looks like this, it's going to be a wild day.

This is the namesake Round Rock on a nice July day, with a wetter than normal summer.

This is the same creek on Wednesday morning.There's the rock peeking out from under the branch.

And bootcamp, I love you, but I just don't think we're gonna meet today. Those are handicap parking signs peeking above the water line.
Everyone here is fine, just a little water-logged and restless. But that's nothing a little Thursday night football won't fix, right?!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

six word saturday fail

I did not abandon my blog.

School has started, which means I am no longer in charge of my time. Since the new job has me dealing with computers all day long, I'm not exactly chomping at the bit to get on when I get home. Plus, I feel much wittier in the 140 characters I find time to type out during my day. But hang in there, I'm finding my balance and have so much to blog about.