Thursday, July 3, 2008

Family-less for the Fourth

I have to admit the past 3 weeks have been very restful. But there is only so much guitar hero and HGTV a girl can handle. The fourth of July is upon me, and I have no family :( I watched fireworks with some work friends at the lake tonight, but it wasn't the same as Will trying to write his name in sparklers, or the crazy chicken spitting fire "eggs" at our chairs. Ahh, those pyrotechnic displays in our front yard...

I have plans to crash a neighbor families game night tomorrow. They said they would adopt me for the weekend. I am all about some game night!

I just have to survive till Sunday when I get my husband back for 6 whole days!! Woohoo!!
Have a wonderful Independence Day!


The Tylers said...

Here is your long armed friend who will be thinking of you today!!!!

Deb said...

I used to send Josh to PA with his grandparents for 3-6 weeks each summer and Jim traveled...I used to get really sad...but I am so happy I did that cuz even tho Josh's grandparents lived far away, they are close and I am thankful for that.