Saturday, July 12, 2008

I heart Ikea

Went to Ikea yesterday. I could wander in that store for hours! So many colors and shapes and textures, it can lead to sensory overload when you throw in a piece of apple cake too. I have been blog stalking some crafty people lately and became inspired to do something before the end of summer rolled around. So, with the help of this book and the super fun fabric I hope to make this.  src=

On my way to fabrics I found this cute bulldog and bought him too :) Happy Day!



Lora said...

Found your blog on Debbie's blog. Now how about this, son, DIL & 2 grands live on Lake Austin. We turn on the new toll road to go there in Round Rock. It indeed is a small world.

Colleen said...

Cute bag...even cuter bulldog! Check out Christy's blog on my site (Neu's Chalkboard). She may help with some advice for the bag. Good Luck!