Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The boys are back in town!


Technically, only one of my boys is back... Bob is still on the road, but I get to see him on Thursday!
I drove to Athens yesterday to meet my dad for the exchange.. I gave him a pair of cute Mickey Mouse crocs and he gave me my son. Nice Swap huh? (*the crocs are for a friend, not my dad) We had to do a quick switch, I was trying to beat out the nasty looking clouds that followed me most of my drive.

Will was happy playing his DS for the drive back home. If you've never had a conversation with a Nintendo brainwashed 8 yr old, here was ours:

Will: I can't wait to get home.

Me: Well, it's still a couple of hours. How about you telling me some of the fun things you did at mamaw's house?

Will: I can't remember. Do you want to be Wario or Bowser on Super Smash Bros. Brawl?

Me: What? Who are you talking about? What did you do at daycamp?

Will: I think I'm going to be Bowser cause it's impossible to beat Bowser. His specials are wicked.

Me: (snickering over his use of the word "wicked") I don't think he's impossible to beat Will. If that were true everyone would be him and the game wouldn't be any fun.

Will: I'll be Bowser and use his specials and.... What kind of specials do you think pikachu has? or maybe squirtle? Oh, is Sonic on the game?

Me: I have no idea Will. I don't even know what you're talking about right now. I've played it one time.

This went on for 30 minutes. I didn't understand half of it. And I can assure after playing the game with him tonight, I still have no idea.

We got in kind of late and I didn't feel like cooking dinner after driving all day, so we ordered pizza. I have to stop here and say that I am not a big dessert pizza fan, but I felt like I needed a reward for surviving the crazy Texas backroad drivers (in the RAIN)-- you know who you are--so I ordered the chocolate dunkers. HELLO! These are fabulous!!! I am all about some hot gooey pastry topped with dark and white chocolate with its own chocolate dipping sauce. I even ate less pizza so I'd have plenty of room :) I tried to take a picture, but my hand was shaking in anticipation of the deliciousness and it came out blurry :(

Here's the new haircut for the boy---our attempt at a mohawk. Yes, I said it... Mo-hawk!




Jessica said...

that mohawk is so cool! What a handsome little man you have Julie! I bet you're glad to have your family home. When do you start school again?

Deb said...

You guys remind me of Josh and me. Jim traveled and we hung out and had fun, fun, fun in the summer!