Friday, January 30, 2009

Six Word Saturday

Unfortunately the only words I can think of right now are all of the 4 letter variety. This will have to do:

Fought with Fondant, barely escaped unharmed.
To play along, read Cat's post here. As for me, I'm partying with the 9 year olds all day. Later!


Tricia said...

(6 word comment.)
Glad you are ok, drink wine.

Call Me Cate said...

No pictures of the fondant adventure? Thanks for playing!

Just say Julie said...

Tricia- hahahaha! I may need something harder after this birthday party!

Cate- Too tired last night to transfer pics from camera. I added one this morning.

Penz said...

I am doing fondant today myself. Any suggestions, your looks great.

the secret word is ; ovens

how appropriate

Karen said...

another 6 word comment: fabulous job, hope eating was fun.