Sunday, January 4, 2009

Christmas Wrap Up (Part 1)

Christmas was a little different for us this year. Normally, we have a house full of family to celebrate with, but recent events left everyone homebound. So our Christmas Day was a much quieter experience.

The young un gets his first look at the presents src=

"Just what I wanted!" (can you beat that smile)


The Mr. took a unique approach to name tags (To Ewe, From Mi)


Favorite presents? That's easy!

"Louisiana Girl" Flat Wallet
 src=Hunter Pence Astros Jersey


Everything :)


Our Christmas Day was relatively low key. We set up Magnetix roller coasters, stored jewelry in a lovely new jewelry armoire, and tried out the bluetooth. We also took a trip to our favorite cinema- Alamo Drafthouse- for a late lunch and a Bedtime Story. Movie was cute and a light hearted touch to the festivities.

The day after Christmas was as loud and chaotic as Christmas Day was quiet. I braved the 7 A.M. Target crowd for a little gift card shopping spree. Let me just say that $200 will buy you a lot at half off! I was back home revelling in my success (mercury glass candle sticks, red glass birds, glass trees) by 7:45. I'm already planning all the fantastic displays I'll be able to create!

But that was only the start of the day, we still had to pack up all the remaining Christmas presents and hit the road for a 7 hour drive to good ole Russ Town for the second half of our family Christmas celebration. The celebration that involves lots of food, and a serious game of bingo. The celebration I'll blog about later :)

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Penz said...

sounds like it was a great christmas, I am so glad it is over for sure. I finally got everything put away this last weekend...until next year... :?