Saturday, January 10, 2009

All in week's work

The first week back after Christmas Break is usually a nightmare for teachers. The kids aren't back in their sleep routines, the teachers aren't back in their sleep routine and nobody wants to be there. Throw in the fact that this year my district scheduled exams for after the break and you have even more fun. It has been a total headache of exam reviews and geography bees and trying to keep resolutions. I made it in by 7:30 every morning, which did help in feeling more on top of the day, but by the afternoon, I only made it out by 4:30 2 out of 5 days. It's amazing how many post its I've written to myself by the time 3:30 rolls around...


Add to the school routine the Mr's band schedule & rehearsals, the young un's upcoming birthday, teeth cleanings, spring sports schedule & all the normal appointments of the week, and I don't remember why I thought things slowed down after New Year's. I did make an effort to stay on top of things this year, for my own sanity. I started a family calendar at Cozi, that keeps track of every one's schedule and will also send reminders to my cell phone. I can also create shopping lists or things to do lists. The best part is that it's online, so I can add/delete events from anywhere (like during my planning period--goodbye post=it's!) and so can the Mr.

That way I can see which weekend we have free to take all the Christmas boxes back to storage :)


So pardon my lack of blogging this week, I'm still trying to get back in the zone and get the schedule under control.


Karen said...

Thanks for the link to Cozi, I'm going to check it out... :)

Blissful Babe said...

I *heart* the new look!!!

And the new pics are loverly, too!!

Get that crap put away, would ya? It's just about the 11th already. Geez, lady. ;)

Jessica said...

I'm right there with you babe! Good luck with all that stuff! It will slow down, during SPRING BREAK! :)

Colleen said...

Check you Cozi for the 24th of January. There is a big baseball fan fest up here!