Thursday, January 15, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Ok, after yesterday's little tantrum, I am trying to recapture my zen. Deep breathing, some good wine and a seriously yummy joy of almonds apple from Rocky Mountain Chocolate helped me let it go...*AHHHHHHH*

So I thought I'd take a minute to be thankful rather than be stressed, or be frustrated. The first thing I'm thankful for is


He's been going through a lot lately, but he goes out of his way to help me when I'm about to fall apart. Like eating the "experiment" chicken I made when I was feeling all Top Chef inspired (ginger, curry and chili powder aren't that good together). Or finding deals online and ordering them for me (my super snazzy cricut expression comes to mind). Or cooking dinner for me when I come home from a grueling crossfit workout and can barely stand up. Or washing all this weeks pots & pans because I h-a-t-e to wash dishes and needed the sink empty. Or clearing out my side of the garage so I wouldn't have to dash through the rain/cold/dark to get in the car every morning. Or emailing me at work whenever there's a free starbucks coupon on slickdeals. Or driving me 7 hours to see my family several times a year.

Thank you for being the one I come home to every evening and for finding all those little ways to let me know you love me. I'm thankful you're in my life.


TuTu's Bliss said...

You should add this to Mama Kat's Linky. It is just too perfect for the Attractive Quality in your man prompt. Eating experiment chicken is an attractive quality. Her link is on my site! Hugs, Jen

Barely Domestic Mama said...

Awwwww. Sounds like you've got a great guy! :)

Penz said...

how thoughtful of you. What a great guy! Enjoy your weekend love.

Connie Weiss said...

What a great guy! You lucky girl!

Tricia said...

Now that is a man!

NJDecorator said...

That is just lovely and TuTu Bliss is right is does really fit Mama Kat's linky assignment.

This made me thankful I stopped by to visit today.