Thursday, January 1, 2009

Year in Review

I've been stressing over the first post of 2009 all day. I have been on hiatus for the past week, and it seems like so much happens in the week between Christmas and New Years. My head is literally spinning trying to decide what to write first. I have resolutions, but before I look ahead, maybe I should take a look back first.
A- Astro's Spring Training Camp. It has been a dream of my husband's to go to spring training for a long time, and this year we got an opportunity to attend 3 games in Kissimmee.

 src= B- Bed & Breakfast. We had a mini vacay to San Antonio this summer to the fabulous Beauregard House.

C- Cake Decorating. In an effort to "broaden my horizons" I took the Wilton Cake Decorating Course.

D-DCI. Drum Corps International took us to both California and Indiana traveling with the Mr.

E-Express Baseball. Season tickets are hard to come by, but through the wonderful world of Craigslist, we scored some amazing seats behind third base.

F-February Flu. For the first time ever, both the Mr and I had the flu. It was a miserable month.

G-Getting Older. I turned 30 this year, and have to say it was a little scary. I still find myself looking in the mirror, and thinking, man, I'm in my 30s.


H-Hummer Happening. Boys+H3+Dirt=Fun!

I-ICU. My brother spent 11 days in ICU in November after a head-on collision. After 24 days, he was released from the hospital, making what the Drs called a miraculous recovery. He is currently attending PT twice a week, and his brain seems to be getting back to normal. I would say he's at 85%.

J-Junk. We have a lot. We sold it. Thank God for Craigslist!

K-Keeping up with the Chreste's. I finally started a blog :) And it's become a lifeline to friends in other cities.

L-Launch. While in Florida, we found ourselves just in time for a night launch. Endeavour lifted off at 2:30 A.M.
M-Mii. I can't lie, the wii is addictive. It started with a little guitar hero, and moved to hula hooping. I can even play darts from my couch!

N-NKOTB. I attended no fewer than 4 New Kids concerts between ages 12-14. It made perfect sense to see if they could still reduce girls to tears with just a smile on the reunion tour. (And, yes, they could).

O-Orange Crush. Fall league Division Champs.

P-Parties. We threw an underdog themed birthday party (for boys and dogs), a pretty in pink baby shower and a pretty happening New Year's bash.

Q-Quitter. Usually I preach the virtue of following through, but in this case, quitting as cheer coach was the only way I could save my sanity.

R-Ruston. We found plenty of reasons to visit the homestead last year: wedding, birthday, Peach Fest, football games and an unexpected hospital visit.

S-San Francisco. I made my first visit to California to spend a couple of days with the Mr. On one of his off days, we road tripped to San Fran for a day of baseball and wandering Fisherman's Wharf.

T-Texas Motor Speedway. 2 races a year give us a chance to visit with old friends and enjoy a little dutch oven cooking courtesy of dad. Our family has been going since the track opened and we always have a great time (whether it's 102 or 32).

U-Untapped potential. (of my cricut, that is) I think I watched that infomercial a thousand times before begging the Mr for one. I do not know how I did anything before this magic machine :)

V-Victory for Louisiana Tech. 2 big wins that I got to witness: Mississippi State and the Independence Bowl.

W-Wedding. Lil Bro got married in February. Yes, the flu February. He had it too. It was a bit on the stressful side with 2 people sick the week before, but in the end, when the time came, it was perfect.


X-eXercise. I love crossfit! This has been the first time since college that I have worked out on a regular basis every week. And the effort is paying off...

Y-Young un. The young un had an eventful year with his first year of kid pitch baseball, 2 airplane rides, a dozen webkinz, meeting Nolan Ryan and being a 3rd grade pioneer.

 src= Z-Zany. From January to now it's been a zany ride. Reconnecting with old friends, pink hair, being in a horror movie, being stuck in O'Hare for 15 hours, dropped cakes, trips to Canton in the hundred degree heat, Corpus with 150 band kids, The great floor renovation, trying to load drum major podiums on the top of the Hummer and countless miles of travel.

So there's our 2008. I wouldn't have it any other way.


Deb said...

What a great did have an eventful year! So glad Marty is doing so well. Hope your 2009 is fluless....and you and yours are healthy, wealthy and wise!

Just say Julie said...

Deb- It always seems so much busier when I look back at the whole year. Man, we had a roller coaster! Thanks for the wishes, hope the same for you & your family!

Ronnica said...

I love your header and the pictures in it!

I think this is a neat idea for a review post. It sounds like you had a pretty eventful year. I hope 2009 will be just as exciting!

I like what I see so I'm going to subscribe, as well.

Colleen said...

Hey friend in another city! WHAT A YEAR!! And Marty's (or should I say Sheila's) was crazy too with getting married and a huge accident to boot. A little jealous of the Young Un's last two.
And 56 days until Ranger Spring Training! The only ST that matters. ;)
Here is to 2009!

Just say Julie said...

Ronnica- Thanks! the header is by Fabulous K... she is amazing! I tried to do something besides a long narrative, glad you liked it!

Colleen- I am kind of nervouse about 2009, but made it through the first day peacefully :) BTW, the hubby is looking at St Louis for the All Star game this summer. You in?

Michelle said...

That was a great ABC year in review! Now here is to looking forward to a great 2009!

Tranquility said...

WOW - that sounds like a BUSY-FUN year!!

Wishing you an even more exciting 2009!!

Columbia Lily said...

I can't believe you didn't include all your film sessions with FNL!! =) And good for you with the crossfit, I'm sure that's the reason you get so much done!