Thursday, March 5, 2009

The rest of the story...

Obviously the birthday morning didn't go as planned. The rest of the day? It seemed to improve.

The sheriff's dept sent the crime scene techs to process my car. A nice dose of fingerprint dust really adds validity to the whole experience. They found three prints, one of which I'm quite confident is mine. I have a case number, and am now officially a "complaintant". The deputy told me that over 20 cars were burglarized on my street. Looks like our quiet little neighborhood needs to step up the neighborhood watch.
The young un was bored for the greater part of the day, having been confined to the "sick room" for 4 days straight, so I set about looking for boredom dusters. I finally caved and handed over my laptop for a visit to webkinz world. It gave me a chance to curl back up in bed, which is what I wanted to do from the moment I left that morning.
Birthday dinner was chosen more for it's obnoxious birthday song and variety of menu than any other attribute, so off to TGI Fridays we went. (Keep in mind this is a Tuesday night in a half full restaurant.) I would like to take this time to let you know that The Mr and I have very close birthdays, and he takes great joy in the fact that for a week and a half, we are the same age. So great is his joy, that he shares this fact with everyone. For example:

Waitress: "How are we tonight?"
Mr: "Older. At least she is."
Such a comedian. Since it's my birthday, (and since I was teetering dangerously close to the breakdown ledge) I decided to order a mojito, which comes with a lovely shaker to re-fill my glass. Then we waited. and waited. and waited. because the waitress forgot to put in our order. 50 minutes later we finally get our meal. She felt bad, especially since it was my birthday, so she ordered me another mojito (final count was 5 mojitos). The Mr, who is quite the stickler for customer service, finally flagged down a manager to express his disappointment with the service. The manager picked up the tab for dinner, which was now going into an hour and half. Since it was getting late, and I was getting rather chatty, we headed over to Cheesecake Factory to pick up a yummy birthday treat.

 src=Hello, chocolate coconut cheesecake goodness!
 src=Oh, and it's not a birthday without presents... you know, the ones you'd never buy for yourself? From the young un, I got the last issue of Craft magazine. He knows the way to his mom's heart. From the Mr, I got a lovely pair of Santa Cruz Crocs. I've been eyeing them since Christmas. And from the cat, I got a she can snuggie with me. Don't think I won't wear this to those early morning baseball games. src=
From my in laws I got a Barnes & Noble gift card... already scoping out a good Spring Break book. And, from my mom, a pair of Fleur de lis votives (and a punch bowl that was too big to mail).

So, a yummy birthday dinner and a fun night with my two favorite guys helped improve my birthday spirit. I'm still considering a complete re-do on the weekend though. Especially since I'm at home again with the young un who just can't seem to shake is cough. Final verdict: bronchitis.
Thanks for all the birthday wishes this week! They made me smile in the midst of the chaos!


Day Scriber said...

Whew! I'm exhausted reading your birthday blog! What a trip. I hope your weekend is much, much better.

Jimmye Sue

Blissful Babe said...

Boy that was just a really crappy way to start a birthday! I'm glad that it got better!! It sounds like it ended up really nice. I *love* those votives. I now have votive envy.


Monica said...

Wow. At least it got better! Love me some TGIFriday's, myself. Miss you!

Columbia Lily said...

AW!!!! I am so glad you are feeling a little better! I can't believe that W got you CRAFT! Such a nice kid! He must be stockpiling some MAJOR points for something! =) And I can't believe you got a Snuggie!