Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I totally intended to blog about Day 2 of the NYC trip, but the Texas weather decided I could do without technology for a bit. The whole city spent the day waiting for the rain. Seriously, coaches were sending out hourly e-mails for us to stay tuned for after school activities. By the time we finally made it home after school, rain still hadn't arrived, so we readied for the usual evening rush of baseball practice and the gym. Then we saw the weather report. The weather report that showed black as one of the radar colors. Within 15 minutes I found out what the black means. src=Yes, that's hail. All over my front yard. Did I mention this accumulated in about 10 minutes? Check out that flowerbed... it looks like snow... not to mention the massive amount of rain.
 src=The Mr was stuck at work when the storm hit, so I called to check on him. He spent the time watching golf ball size hail pulverize his ride, a black H3. He was a very sad man. Very. Sad.  src=

So sad the he had to buy a new Canon 40D to make up for his crappy day. To make up for the 25 minutes he spent on hold with the insurance company. To make up for the 80 something pings on his vehicle. To make up for having to wait till May to get it repaired. Yeah, he feels better now :)


Tricia said...

I remember those spring hail storms from when I lived in Dallas, years ago. The temperature would plummet and the yard would be white, like it had snowed.

Christina said...

Wow! No hail down here in the Houston area.. just some rain and a lot of wind. A possible tornado not too far from here. Glad everyone is ok (well, except the H3). That 40D would make me feel better too! I think maybe I need to upgrade my Canon now. :-) "Oh, Honey....."

Ashley @ Domestic Fashionista said...

Oh my, I cannot even imagine! There is sun and signs of Spring over here in California today! ;)

Monica said...

Yes, Wii need to play Wii through the Wifi...if we can ever figure out how.

Yep, love the weather! Softball rained out again. 'Nuf said.