Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sunday Synopsis

The past week flew by, and I didn't always find time to blog it. But since tonight finds me propped up waiting for some painkillers to kick in, here's our week in review :)

Monday- Recovering from a house full of people and a queso overload had me moving at a sluggish pace. I'm sure the tequila sunrises didn't help me in greeting Monday morning either :)

Tuesday- I set a personal sleep record, going to bed at 4:30 (I swear it was just supposed to be a quick nap before Crossfit!) and not getting out of bed till 6:00 the next morning. Sometimes a girl just needs her sleep to re-focus.

Wednesday- The young un's birthday. I had to make up Tuesday's missed Crossfit workout, and be pro-active for the cinnamon rolls I would consume during birthday dinner. He chose CiCi's (but only because I put the kibosh on Burger King) and loved having the entire staff sing Happy Birthday to him. And check out the extra icing!
Thursday- I'm going to be honest and say that I don't remember Thursday. Elm and Cedar must have had their planets aligned because I could not breathe for the later part of the week. Even the short walk from the parking lot to the car had me gasping. I swear my students must roll around in the pollen before they come inside.

Friday- Friday was all about red. Go Red for Women is an organization that supports the fight against heart disease in women. Feb 6th was "Wear Red Day", but since I'm limited to school colors on Fridays, I did what any girl would do... I got a fiery red pedicure :)

Saturday- I was itching for some craftiness, so I conned a friend into a soap making adventure. I read Kelly's tutorial here, and, inspired by her colorful hearts, hit up the local Michael's for all my supplies. Through some trial and error, we eventually made our way through 7 lbs of glycerin. Two things became quite clear (get it-- became clear---we were using glycerin?hahaha!): 1. Freezing the soap makes it impossible to cut with a normal cookie cutter, and 2. silicone ice cube molds are my new BFF. Don't these look yummy?
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We packaged them up for teacher gifts and I mailed a few off for some sweet little Valentine treats.

Sunday- A little more craftiness- magnets, handmade valentine's, frames-- but no pictures cause they got boxed up before I thought about it. A little laundry, some groceries, and a little time on the heating pad while watching the Grammy's rounded up our weekend.

Just a little head up, the wonderful girls at SITS are having a bedroom bliss giveaway. It's just what you need to give your bedroom a fresh new start! And Sweet Jelly bean is hosting a messenger bag giveaway from Satchel Studio. So much cuter than my black "teacher" bag!


Karen said...

The soaps are so cute! I don't think I can let myself get into a new craft like that, though, until I finish all of the scrapbooking projects on my list. :) I hope you feel better soon.

Penz said...

How crafty is that. I wish I had more time to be crafty. My sewing machine is aching for me to use it.. :)

Saucy said...

The soaps look absolutely adorable! They remind me of conversation hearts.

Columbia Lily said...

AW!!!!!!! I hope you feel better soon!!!!! No fun being sick AND dealing with tweenagers.

Alexis AKA MOM said...

I love the soaps I so need put on my crafty hat and make them ... LOl well it was a nice thought :).

Stopping by from SITS :)