Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Just a little love

I realized today that I never really showed off my super cheap Valentine's decorations. I don't go all out for V'Day, but I do put a few things in our entryway that make me smile. And in respect to my new "budget", I tried to do it as cheaply as possible.

Let's start with the door (which looks as though it could use a good cleaning). I found my inspiration here.
Rose petals $4, Styrofoam Round (free), Ribbon (free), small tailor pins (free) and red glitter heart ornament (.99). The loss of feeling in my fingers from pushing all those pins into Styrofoam? Priceless!


Now what about the entry table? I grabbed a bag of picks from the Dollar Tree, broke of the sticks and used leftover snow from the Christmas displays. I need to find some ribbon for those candles... didn't realize how bare they look. src=

Also in the entryway is my Big Lots score ($5 for the glass canister) filled with conversation hearts and a few glass ornaments I picked up for 50% at Hob Lob. I have noticed that the candy tends to wander around the living room :)


On top of the super attractive entertainment center speakers, One of our wedding pictures lives year round. I loved it up with a little raid the stash creation.  src=


And my favorite Valentine? That would be this little surprise I came home to tonight, courtesy of the Mr, who will be out of town until late on Valentine's. I love you too babe! src=


Monica said...

How Sweet!!!!! If Stephen wrote me a note like that you'd find me in the ER from a heart attack! Wish I were as crafty and creative as you. If you still lived around could teach me!

Tricia said...

Your decorations are lovely, but wow, that note is something special.