Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A little too much crazy going around.

Today was crazy sock day because I'm socking it to drugs. Tomorrow is mismatch day because drugs and I don't match. At the young un's school today was crazy hat day and tomorrow is crazy hair day. I like the use of crazy to describe how we are drug-free :0 I also find irony in the fact that during drug-free week the teachers have 27 other things to be responsible for. This is the one week we would actually start to think about drug use :)

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Here's a couple of shots from today's baby shower. It kept me on a sugar rush for about 2 hours.


Liz said...

Looks like a fun shower!

Columbia Lily said...

only 2 hours? someone didn't have their chocolate frosted sugar bombs this morning.....=)

Columbia Lily said...

very nicely done baby booties on the cake, by the way.

Lora said...

Hey Jule,-some might consider all that SUGAR another drug!

Just say Julie said...

CL-Sadly I cannot take credit for the baby booties... It is a product of Round Rock Bakery (home of the famous round rock donuts). It was yummy!!

Lora- I am a candy corn addict. I have a definite addiction to high fructose corn syrup.