Monday, October 27, 2008

Cupcakes and Crazy Socks

Mondays are not my friend. All I can do is think of all the stuff I need to accomplish by the end of the week. Usually by 2 hours into the day I have reached the point of saturation. Seriously. This week is jam packed as usual, but, it's the the appeal of theme days that are allowing me to keep calm and carry on. That and the promise of a rocking baby shower I'm helping host tomorrow. I tried my hand at mini cupcakes (my first baking experience since graduation from the Wilton Course). Don't they look delicious?! And it's the first outing for my handy dandy cupcake carrier too.  src=

I found so many inspirations for party hostessing in the blogosphere, hopefully mine will do them justice. Will post the party pics tomorrow!

Tomorrow is also crazy sock day. I found the absolute perfect pair (even though they do cover up my pretty blue polish). The young un gave them the crazy sock stamp of approval, though he had to be convinced they were not gloves.  src=


Liz said...

Those socks look beyond comfortable! And I'm loving that cupcake carrier!

Deb said...

I needed crazy socks yesterday! I never remember until it is too late too go shop. Yours are great!! One teacher told me it was for the kids anyway.....bah hum bug!

Columbia Lily said...

those are frickin awesome!