Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Drug Free?

I wish I could say I'm doing this for the kids, but I jump all over theme days for my own enjoyment. Today was mismatch day, but I renamed it "drugs are tacky and so am I" day. Here's my look (and you can blame the pint sized photographer for cutting off my head)

 src=Because if you can't have drugs, you might as well have spirit(s)!

And not to be outdone, here's how the young un went to school for crazy hair day:


*Funny story about the hair spray color. When we leave home in the morning it's still dark. The hair color was done outside right before we hopped in the car to minimize the mess. I sprayed enough color for me to see it in the streetlight and gave the young un strict instructions not to touch his hair, or to lean his head against the seat. About five minutes into the ride I hear him ask from the back seat "What if it drips?" When I finally got enough light to see him he had bright green drips right down the center of his face rolling off his nose! And purple running down his neck. He looked like the Joker on some crazy rampage. I couldn't stop crying to take a picture of it, and was trying not to laugh directly at him. Needless to say we made a pit stop at the gas station restroom to clean up. Moral of this story- don't put hair color on by streetlight.

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Caseyindallas said...

He looks just like you!

We had our Red Ribbon Week last week...with nothing quite as fun. The most "crazy" we got was Camo Day...something about hiding from drugs I think.