Thursday, October 30, 2008

It's official...I'm saucy!

Remember when I won this from those fabulous SITS girls? Well, guess what was waiting in the mail yesterday?

 src=My picture doesn't begin to do justice to this beautiful hand stamped piece. Here's a better shot, used with Kristen's permission of course):


I could not wait to wear it, and let the world know "hey, there's a saucy lady!" I think I accomplished just that :)

If you want to be saucy too, be sure to visit Kristen's store and get your self a little happy day to me gift. She has some incredible pieces that would be great Christmas gifts! Kristen- I smiled all day wearing this necklace... Thanks for donating it for blogathon day!


Tricia said...

Its beautiful!

Kristen Andrews said...

so glad you love your necklace, it is a fun piece! :)

Columbia Lily said...

ooohh!!! Very cool!

but let's face were gonna smile all day today with 150 12 junior high kids hopped up on candy....I can't think of a better way to spend a Friday myself!

Caseyindallas said...

So cute!!

Colleen said...

I am dying without a post here!!