Sunday, November 15, 2009

Shake ya Tail feather

I have to admit, most of my crafty ideas come from someone else. A few years ago I discovered Family Fun magazine and it contained a plethora of inspiration for the young un and I. The turkey cookies in my header are one of those inspirations, and such an easy project. Here's my turkey tail feather tutorial:

First bake your cookies. You can do this with sugar cookies or peanut butter cookies. We used the slice and bake kind cause I'm not a baker.
You also need:
chocolate frosting
candy corn
mini chocolate chips
orange icing coloring
vanilla frosting (if you can find the orange icing writers, they work great!)
ziploc bags

Next slop a little chocolate frosting on the "top" of your cookie. It doesn't need to be super thick, just enough to give the candy corns staying power.
Apply your candy corns so they slightly overhang the edge of your cookie. I did single layers here, but for larger cookies you could double layer (see header). This is the part the young un loves to do-- usually because he snacks on the extra candy corn!

Now for the personality: spoon some orange vanilla frosting into a ziploc bag and carefully snip the very corner of the bag. This will allow you to draw your beaks and legs.
Next repeat with the chocolate frosting for the eyes of your turkeys. I also add mini cholocalte chips on some of them.Now step back and enjoy your gaggle of gobblers!If you're not a cookie person, Betty Crocker offers this cupcake alternative:

photo from Betty Crocker


Connie Weiss said...

Those are so cute! Where can I buy candy corn this late in the season?

Tricia said...

Header=adorable! (the cookies are pretty cute too.)

Ryan Ashley Scott said...

Thanks for the tutorial on the cookies. Nice and easy, even for younger kids.

Jessica said...

Those are adorable! I can never find candy corn this time of the year, next year I need to save some from Halloween!