Monday, November 30, 2009

Another one bites the dust

I'll admit it, I was one of those crazies at the mall at 3:30 a.m. shivering in the cold, with shopping ads in hand. That was me,along with my sister-in-law and mom, pushing my way through the doors for my free ornament/gift bag/gift card/candy bar. And yes, that was me making three trips to the vehicle before the sun came up (thanks to Penny's, Sear's, Belk, Kirklands and Old Navy) .

That was also me standing in a 37 person line at Bed Bath & Beyond in the hopes of using my 20% off entire purchase coupon before 10:00. What burning purchase would have me stand in a line that long? Why a microfiber dish towel and something equally as fabulous that I've already forgotten about. Ok, so I was really already standing in line with my mom and sis-in-law and just figured I might as well use the coupon.

Oh, and Target? Yep, that was us standing in a very "secure" line of 50 some odd people. Target was a bust for what I wanted to purchase, but I did pick up a couple of movies and cds for stocking stuffers.

Add in a quick run to Michaels (ribbon!), TJ Maxx(curtains!), Ross (more curtains!), Dollar Tree (ornaments) and Walgreens (BOGO 35. t lighted topiary!) followed by a 2nd breakfast at IHOP and you have some idea of our 14 hour shopping excursion. It takes stamina and fierce determination to shop like that, but in the end, there can be only one left standing.

And this time, it wasn't my sister-in-law.


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