Thursday, July 16, 2009

Summer Time and the living is E-Z

I live in central Texas. Occasionally I have to remind myself of that fact. Like on those days when it feels like I live on the surface of the sun. Those face melting days when you burn just stepping out your front door, much less after 6 hours at the pool. Each morning watching the news, I'm pretty sure I'm getting the daily weather report for Hell.

Even the animals need a break from the heat, judging by our front porch visitors.

And I'll admit, there is only so much bejeweled I can play before my hands start cramping, and only so much reality TV I can stomach before I start planning an out of country move. (And I won't even mention the Hobby Lobby field trips!) So with that in mind, the young un and I traipsed off to the local library for some inspiration. Behold! The key to my summer sanity:

Until the sunburn heals, and the sidewalk isn't glistening with heat vapors, I'll be getting a head start on Christmas presents!

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Columbia Lily said...

that's cool! My local library has a great history section but a really shabby craft section. =(