Sunday, July 26, 2009

Bits & Pieces

The days are starting to run together as summer vacation starts nearing the end, so we've been packing in as much fun as possible. Thursday night was Pink in the Park, a fundraiser for the Susan G Komen Foundation.
Our local minor league team donned pink jerseys and sweatbands, and even painted the bases pink to bring attention to breast cancer.
Their promo for the night was a fabulous t-shirt, and during the dot race, our section won pink rally towels. Always a fun night at the ball park.
*keep reading for a chance to win one of these shirts!*

Friday night the Mr & I attended a friend's wedding. Amy is a former co-worker of mine and the wedding was soooo much fun. Plus I got a chance to dress up :)

The reception meal was delicious, and I am a fan of the mashed potato bar! Party favors for the night were the best parting gifts ever: doughnuts!

Fueled by doughnuts, Saturday morning tasks featured my nemesis, paint. We have avoided the huge monstrosity of a wall for most of the summer, but as the Mr.'s band schedule starts back up, we had to tackle it. Think 22 ft ceilings and stairs.
Oh, yes, it was that much fun! 10 hours, 1 roll of duck tape and 2 ladders later, we officially banished all signs of builder beige from our house. It's a good thing I like this ole au lait!

Now here's where I share the fun: I have one extra Pink in the Park shirt that I'd love to send to one of you.
Entry is simple: leave me a comment.
Want an extra entry: Follow me.
I'll have the young un draw a name from a hat on Wednesday, after dinner. Let's say 8:00 Central? Sounds fabulous!


Lindsay With Lindsay said...

Send your man to my house to paint our 20 foot walls. I'm living with builder's beige until they NEED to be painted!

I wanna win! I follow you, too. ;)

Tricia said...

I love your new paint color! Just looking at that picture of your husband precariously balancing on the ladder makes me nervous!

DEEDEE said...

As you know, I always like seeing what you've been up to. Want to try the freezer paper thing!!

Mohan Kumar D said...
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