Friday, July 24, 2009

I might have gone a little overboard

The freezer paper stencil was so easy and so much fun that I just couldn't help myself. I raided the young un's closet, my closet and a rack at goodwill-- no t-shirts were safe!
After letting the young un choose his stencil designs (from this fabulous website), I set to work transferring them to freezer paper. The simpler the design the better!
In theory, you can print the design directly onto the freezer paper using your inkjet, but mine wouldn't cooperate and kept ripping it :( So we went old school!

I let the young un choose his paint colors, and set him to work while I finished cutting out his designs (each stencil only works one time).

It took some effort, but I managed to keep most of the negative images intact and tried out some color blocks on a few shirts. I used painters tape to mark of a square and centered my image in the square before ironing. It made for some neat effects.

All done, I made 6 shirts for the young and 2 for me. We still have 2 shirts blank, and a backpack, but I ran out of freezer paper, so we'll save it for the next rainy day.


Tricia said...

I love the pink T, with the birds. I've read about, but never done freezer stencils, it sure looks like fun.

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