Thursday, August 28, 2008

What I learned from cake decorating class...

It seems like only 4 weeks ago I walked into Michael's excitedly clutching my Course 1 student kit; visions of the beautifully crafted cakes I would learn to create playing in my mind. How could I be graduating already? Didn't the instructor get that cake baking incident memo? Didn't I need some type of remedial Betty Crocker course before I earned my diploma? Apparently not, because last Monday night I recieved my "icing" diploma. In honor of that accomplishment, here are some things I learned in cake decorating class:

1. You can cover any mistake with leaves.

2. If you drop your cake you can just add a thicker layer of icing to hide the damage.

3. Piping gel will last as long as the cockroaches.

4. Your mouth can become a third hand.

5. They give you a blank diploma.

I may just have to sell that little number on ebay to pay for class two.....hmmmm....


Tricia said...

Your roses look so professional. it must be that three handed technique :)

Colleen said...

OMG...laughing hysterically at the blank diploma and icing on your face. You worked hard for that piece of paper! Seriously though, I am very impressed by the roses.

Deb said...

LOL ....a trophy would be good.... I can't believe how great your roses are already! You are a natural!!!!