Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Oh yeah, I'm D-O-M-E-S-T-I-C...


Yeah, that's my suitcase at 10:45. And yeah, that's my alarm set for 5:15. Because at 5:45 the fam is pulling out of the garage and heading for the airport. No biggie, I'm an expert packer. I can have that thing finished in, oh, 2 or 3 more hours.

Oh wait, I forgot about my cake for cake decorating class. Let me go ahead and whip that up. Look at that pretty tractor! That crack can be covered with icing...


Good thing I bought two boxes of cake mix. I'll just throw together a back up. Ummm, maybe that hole can be filled in, after all isn't that what the crumb coat is for?


On second thought maybe I'll stick with the trac--wait a minute!


Why is it that no matter how closely I follow the directions on the box something always goes wrong with my cakes? I put toothpicks all over the middle and pulled them all out clean, and yet there are cake guts all over my counter (and let's not even go into what it resembles, cause I can guarantee you that's what I said when I saw it!) HEB will be called the minute the plane touches down!
And that, Monica S., is why at 11:19 I have 1 half packed suitcase and 2 half baked cakes and still founf time to blog!


Stacey said...

Just found your ~cute~ blog!!!
I can always find time to blog too:)

I hope you have a fun trip!

Deb said...

Yes, have fun I say cuz soon you will be back in full swing with not too much time to travel.

About the cake deal...I had to hit 50 before my cakes turned out...but that is about the same time I got a different oven, sooo is that a coincidence? See..you can blame your oven!

The Nice One said...

LMAO, oh goodness...yes...I can relate. I love the music on your blog.