Monday, August 18, 2008

Cupcakes, Clowns and Curtains

Monday night = Cake Decorating Class.

Feast your eyes on tonight's culinary creations:

The Clown was sitting, but got a little tipsy as the class wore on. Or, as I like to call it, dead clown. src=

My cupcakes...


The cake I made for my teaching team... aren't we cute in icing? src=

And now for the curtains... The Nester was having a mistreatment party, which I officially missed because my blog didn't want to cooperate yesterday. But I did put up a much needed mistreatment over our pantry/laundry room. I love a project I can do with a little heat-n-bond and a glue gun. Plus the fabric was 75% off at Hancock last week. Love it!


I folded over the raw edge and ironed with heat-n-bond tape. src=Hot glued the fringe (which cost more than the fabric!)


A few clips, a curtain rod and tada! Much better than seeing the washer and dryer... and the litter box.


Columbia Lily said...

Hey Julie...this is Christy from the SS dept back in the BHS days...I linked here from Colleen's blog. Gotta say, the clown is a bit on the creepy side, but I am loving the curtain! btw, I firmly believe there is some kind of conspiracy in the doodad industry to make fringe more expensive than fabric. Bastards. I have been trying to save money by checking Goodwill for things with pieces that I like and tearing them apart to reuse.

Laura said...

Cute mistreatment! And anytime you can hide a litterbox, you're doing good!