Friday, August 29, 2008

Are we truly insane or just "those people"?

I hijacked my husbands Macbook for this post so if something crazy happens it is a total machine error! In roughly 8 hours we will be hitting the road for Louisiana. But we're not the only ones...

No, not that crowd...

This guy.

That's Gustav threatening to rain on our 3 day holiday parade and my one chance to go home for a Bulldog football game this season. So while most folks (i.e. the rest of the state) is getting the heck out of dodge, we're looking forward to some tailgating and a good old fashioned underdog victory. After all, I have to put that cake decorating diploma to good use!

Total time we will be in Louisiana: 28 hours.

Other goings on from this week:
I went to the gym twice. (look at what I had to do) I ate chocolate cake for breakfast twice. I bought cute new "school" shoes. I got cute new blisters. I made 32 trips up/down the stairs at school. I got more cute blisters. I drank 13 coke zeros. I learned 118 student names. I made 5 seating charts. I had Friday morning duty in the cafeteria. I ate 2 chocolate doughnuts. I attended two little league baseball practices. I planned 5 crafty projects. I completed 0 crafty projects. I attended 1 minor league baseball game. I cooked once. I drank a bottle of wine. I bought non-winning lottery tickets. I drank another bottle of wine. I spent my conference period catching up on my blogging. I hit my snooze button 17 times. I survived the first week of school. *edited to add: Watched one bulldog victory! How 'bout them Dawgs?*


Kimberly Crawford said...

Amen. You crack me up! I can say that the first week of school is one thing I don't miss about teaching!!! :)

Colleen said...

You forgot watched one bulldog victory.

Columbia Lily said...

that's awesome