Sunday, August 3, 2008

Ode to Jack Johnson

Last night the young un and I decided to do a little breakfast for dinner. After convincing him that it is indeed allowed, we set about making banana waffles (I'm not a good pancake cook). I had him follow the directions on the Bisquik box.

Mashing up the bananas


Adding the dry ingredients

Mixing it up

The finished product


Yum Yum!


We even had leftovers for breakfast this morning :)


Deb said...

Good idea for dinner tonight....we even have some frozen strawberries and some whipped cream!

Just say Julie said...

They were quick (5 minutes) and soo good!

Tara said...

Oh yum....I love breakfast for dinner every now and then!!

The Tylers said...

You need to invite some guests before you decide to cook up such an ensemble!