Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sunday Funday

I thing I'm finally back on Texas time. Saw Love Guru today. Classic Mike Myers...some truly hilarious moments and an ok plot. It was nice to see Justin Timberlake totally make fun of himself as well. After the movie I went to hang out with some friends and had a great chicken burrito dinner. So nice to have adult conversation over dinner! Came home to measure the living room for this week's project: laminate floors. I'm going to Home Depot tomorrow to try to track down the laminate I want and to make sure they have enough. So excited about this! I'm also excited about the Peach festival this weekend. I'll be driving in sometime Thursday and staying through the weekend. I can taste that peach ice cream now...

Oh yeah, ummm I decided I was going to do something a little crazy since school was out and I don't have to fit the "teacher mold". I now have several hot pink strands in my hair, but you can only see it in a ponytail :) I'll post a picture when I find a good one of the back of my head.

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