Saturday, June 7, 2008

Home Alone....

Last week I took Will to Louisiana to spend a month with his grandparents. This morning I took my husband to the airport for his month with Vanguard . Which means for the next 4 weeks I will have the house all to myself... well, myself and the cat. I think she's quite pleased to have me all to herself.


My plans for my 4 weeks? Plenty of pool time, a few good books, movie marathons and getting sod in the backyard. I also have plenty of time to devote to guitar hero so I can beat Bob when he gets back home!

We went to Joe Dimaggio's for our "last dinner"... Bob has to eat off the food truck for most of the summer and I don't cook for one :) Such a swanky place, and such incredible food. We both had to take part of our entree's home in order to fit in some tiramisu. I am a sucker for a good creme brulee or tiramisu, and JD's did not disappoint. Here's a post-dinner picture.


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