Saturday, January 1, 2011

10 from 2010

This past year definitely embraced the metamorphosis part of my blog title. Chang in job, change in address, change in family, we've been through it all. I know I've neglected this blog as the succintness of Twitter and facebook statuses that I could update from my phone appealed to me more than sitting down and typing out blog entries. But as 2011 begins, I'm going to make an effort to express myself in more than 140 characters. What better way to look ahead than to look back at 10 highlights from 2010? Buckle up, it might be a bumpy ride:

10. My beloved Saints finally won a Superbowl (and I wore a Saints shirt every week to torment my 8th graders!)

9. My "baby" turned 10... and I cringed at the thought of the upcoming teenage years. (on a side note, 5th grade math is kicking my bootay!)

8. I traveled on a bus full of 5th graders to the Alamo for their class trip. During said class trip we experienced one sick chaperone and one bomb scare.

7. A freak snowstorm in March followed by Hermine's rains in the fall gave us a different look at mother nature.

6. Our first trip to the ocean (and first jellyfish sighting) made for some great memories. Bodyboarding was the young un's favorite way to pass the time.

5. Moving my parents into a new home (their first move in 30+ years) was a group effort. But the housewarming was even sweeter.

4. Throwing a shower for my brother and sister in law (from 300 miles away) was a challenge. Good thing they're baseball fans!

3. Changing jobs (and as a result, changing schools) meant leaving behind some fantastic friends and fellow teachers--not to mention a bad ass kickball team!
2. Becoming an aunt and holding my sweet little nephew. His older cousin was ecstatic about becoming his "big buddy".

1. Moving to a new house and watching a plot of land go from weeds to stone nearly got the better of us a couple of times. Building is NOT for the faint of heart. Spending the first night in a house that was truly ours totally made up for it. (Just don't look in the garage!)

So that's my recap. I'm hoping that 2011 will be a little smoother, a little calmer and a little less eventful. I won't resolve to post more, but I will resolve to post more meaningfully. Happy New Year interwebz!

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