Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A girl can hope

Oh how I love December in Texas!

 src=Oh your eyes do not deceive you my friends,that does indeed mark a record high of 73 with tonight's low of 32. The low started blowing in right about the time school got out, just in time for me to make a coat-less dash to the car. By 5:45 not only was it cold, but it started sleeting. And the evening news had this lovely prediction.


There is nothing better than a snow day in the days between Thanksgiving and Christmas break (or as I like to refer to them, the days that violate my 8th amendment rights). I can assure you that I am hoping & praying harder than any of my students! I may even have to break out the fuzzy slipper/flip flops...



Columbia Lily said...

Aah I remember those days.....hopinig for snow and yet knowing that you would give up that oh-so-crucial day in April when you are ready to claw your eyes out.

Sugar Mommy said...

Aah! I'm jealous! I've been waiting for that front to hit us all day, meanwhile I'm all sweaty, sticky, and stinky from the humidity of H-town. My thermostat read 75 inside this afternoon!!!Finally got the gusts a little after 4. Temps have dropped, but we won't have the sleet and snow. Enjoy it while it lasts!

Green said...

jealousy is terrible but I have the bug now...I want fuzzy slipper flip flops