Sunday, December 7, 2008

Crafting Christmas

Is it bad that I wore pajama pants all day Saturday? I don't even know what the temperature was like because I stayed like this from 10:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M.

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Now how could you turn down snuggle time like that? In reality, after about 10 minutes my arm starts to go numb from the weight of the cat, and she periodically rubs across the keyboard causing me to lose everything I typed. But I decided that after the mental, physical and emotional drainage of the past few weeks, I needed a day in bed. I gotta admit, it felt good to be lazy!

By Sunday, I had done all the "nothing" I could do and talked the boys into a coffee shop run for a peach smoothie, a blueberry scone and a bite of pumpkin muffin (the young un can never quite finish). My favorite coffee place has a fireplace, big comfy chairs and plenty of eye candy (no not that kind, this kind). I would have taken a picture, but we were having a technology free morning :)

I have been a bit worried that I haven't gotten caught up in the whole Christmas Spirit this year. Thanksgiving was just a blur and it's thrown me off my game. I feel a little Cindy Lou Who.

The young un proudly announces the countdown each morning when I wake him up, and I feel bad that we don't even have a tree up. So off to the storage building we went. I think someone must be sneaking in there and leaving stuff, because there is no way it should take two trips with a packed car and still not get everything! Since I had spent a lot of time blog stalking Saturday, I started to tackle some projects that inspired me to get my Christmas self together.

First, we tried our hand at these. Out of 2 boxes of ornaments, I was quite impressed there was only one casualty. I think I may use some of these on our garland and some for gift tags.

Then I broke out my Cricut, my endless supply of scrapbook paper and anything "winter-y" in my stash.



** mom these little happies are headed your way.**

This is what the kitchen table looked like after about half an hour... and will continue to look like for the rest of the week. We just kind of make a place to eat amidst the rubble. Oh who am I kidding... we don't eat at home that much.

At the end of the day I felt some of that holiday happiness creeping back in. I also felt the aches in my back from being hunched over at the table all day. Crafting is not glamorous work!

I have one finished project to show for my chaotic crafting. It's already claimed a spot in the living room.


Oh, and I brought a little Holiday to the young-uns shower too!


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angi_b72 said...

my kind of Sunday!!

NJDecorator said...

Love the big JOY letters....Very cool. I wish I could do that so easily.

Jerrie said...

Perfect weekend. I love breaking out the Christmas/winter stash and just creating!

I try to do a technology free day every few months...maybe a morning wouldn't make me feel like such an addict (the withdrawl was horrible)!

Happy December!

Caseyindallas said...

I love all these things! The JOY letters are especially cool. And deserved a day off!

Jingle said...

Your ornaments look great!!!

mommaof4wife2r said...

now look at all that fab stuff! and hey, jammies are always the fad at home! i'm just saying!

Casey's trio said...

I'd say you accomplished a lot this weekend. The craftiness is CUTE!!

Nicole said...

Your ornaments are awesome. How did you make those?

Kitchen table. LOL. When I get started it will look just like that with a few items pushed away to find a spot gfor the kids to eat. lol

Monkey's Momma said...

Looks like you are getting in the spirit now!

Mikki Black said...

I really like those Christmas bulbs! One year my friends made me some. I was just a kid - every year, they come out and go on the tree. They always will. Whoever you give them to is super lucky.

I've really been enjoying your blog and getting to know you a little through it.

I have even nominated you for an award. Come see me at and pick it up!

Wolf said...

i love days where i can stay in bed all day. :)

my cats do the same thing. i used to get annoyed. but really, i think it's cute. and i love the fact they want to spend time with me :)

LenaLoo said...

I need to craft me some Christmas... Thanks for the inspiration... I have a ton of clear bulbs waiting to have something done to them... Thanks for coming by my blog on SITSmas! I'm just finishing up my comment backs now :)