Saturday, May 23, 2009

Six Word Saturday

I just don't have the words.
There's nothing more frustrating for me than staring at a blank text box. But for the past few weeks, every time I start a post it just kind of fizzles out before I publish. Maybe it's the end of the year-itis that so many of my students are on. Maybe my brain has started summer vacation. Maybe I'm feeling un-interesting and un-inspired. Maybe my life is moving at such a fast pace that my fingers can't keep up. Whatever it is, I've got a half a dozen drafts of blogging bleh that I just can't seem to pull from the dregs.
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Call Me Cate said...

We all go through it. Even those that pretend they don't. Your mojo will return when it's ready. Thanks for playing!

Columbia Lily said...

I totally get that. It was that way for me a few weeks back, when I was posting only once a week or even less. It will come back....just be patient.