Sunday, April 5, 2009

Six Word Sunday?

I am too sore to move.
Epic Challenge left me Epic sore!

So at 8 A.M. yesterday, I tackled the area at our gym affectionately called "the Pit". Yes it is as bad as the images that come to mind. After a group warm-up, we were divided into heats to complete the workout. Being in the last heat did not help me prepare in the least... in fact watching everyone else blaze through only upped my nerves. Without further ado, I give you Epic Challenge:




Single arm overhead squats with weight!


Burpee pull-ups src=tire flips!

Rinse and Repeat in Reverse.




Housewife Savant said...

You are my hero.

I don't think I could do a single pull up, much less some o' the other stuff.

We have a bar, up permanent-like, because my hubby who works in a Federal Penetentiary saw the benefits of pull ups on convicts. I'm fairly thankful that it's up too high for me to examine my failings.

I would put the DEAD in dead lift.

Keep up the good work!

Columbia Lily said...

what sicko took pics of your pain?? =) You look like you are in great shape though! Excellent Work!

Christina said...

You Go Girl!

I envy you... I'm worn out just thinking about it. I'm w/HOusewife Savant.. the DEAD in DeadLift

Connie Weiss said...

OMG! This looks like the kind of stuff you have to do in JAIL or the ARMY or something!

You rock!

Brenda Jean said...

Wow, you are awesome!!! I'm exhausted doing 2.5 mph on the treadmill.