Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Crap has arrived

I know y'all have been waiting with baited/bated breath for our bag of crap arrival. Sadly, I did not capture video of the the "unwrapping", but I did provide a tweet by tweet for my lucky followers. But never fear, I'll end the misery for you non-tweeters/family. Here's a little something I like to call "Is it $75 worth of crap or an $8 bargain?"

 src=This was the happiest he was the whole time. The box holds so much possibility.

 src=The blind reach approach was the best way to start... and avoid a complete sensory overload. I suggested he wear a blindfold and try to guess the item, but he waited long enough.

First item out of the box was not one, but two band of brothers action figures. Just look at their tiny little rifles and handguns. They were from the Highway to Hell line, and looked like they barely made it back. His face says it all.

 src=Next up was a handheld motocross game. He was a little confused about it, but it was less sucky then the action figures.

 src=Who wouldn't want something pink? That's a lovely xyron personal cutting system carrying case. I was disappointed the cutting system wasn't included. He was disappointed he got a hot pink bag. Especially since the crap was running out. src=What's this, could it be an actual woot deal? Three dvds of a somewhat recent nature? Yeah, they were used dvds with lots of scratches...but they're still watchable and who doesn't enjoy an all night laugh-fest?
So the question remains, is it an $8 bargain or $75 worth of crap?


Christina said...

Oooh... That pink case matches his outfit! Does he have some shoes to match? ;-)

Housewife Savant said...

Was that an "Oh" of "Awe", or an "Oh" of "Ugh"?

Remember the little girl at the end of Grammar Rock's "Interjections" cartoon?
She says, "Darn! That's the end."

She could have just said "Oh."

We'll still be waiting with bated breath - to see if he'll do it again.

Colleen said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA! What the hell is a "personal cutting system"? Is that some weird Emo kid thing?

Caseyindallas said...

I love Woot! They even have one for wine and another for t-shirts! I think you got a pretty good deal for $8.

Jessica said...

I think the laugh and his facial expressions were surely worth $8!!! :) Did you take the bag? :)

Monica said...

Maybe next time he'll get the cutting system to put in the bag.