Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I was tagged by CL in a weekend post. I misunderstood and thought it was freeze tag, so I've been sitting at my computer not moving. Now that I've thawed out, here's 7 random things about me, because I do not have C's OCD issue with even numbers :)

1. I can quote every moment of Steel Magnolias. Seriously, I'm like a one woman show and sometimes don't even realize I'm doing it. I can slip it into every conversation. I love it more than my luggage.

2. I stay up all night looking through blogs I find by hitting the "next" button on blogger. I once found a blog of a guy who took a photo and wrote descriptions of his outfit each day. I also find a lot in languages I don't understand.

3. I make random lists all day long. "Things to make for Christmas", "Songs to download for my i-pod", "Recipes to try", "Craft Projects to create", "Hit lists", "The best 80s albums", "TV shows to record", "favorite paint colors", etc. I keep them on post-it notes in my desk at school.

4. I can't write with plain wood/graphite pencils. I've tried. They creep me out. I can use mechanical pencils, but no # 2 Ticonderoga for me!

5. I ate Lucky Charms for three months while I was pregnant. Every. Single. Meal. My brother worked at a grocery store and I would have him bring boxes by on his way home from work. I haven't eaten them since.

6. I have shoes in my closet I have never worn. I look at them all the time. I move them around to different boxes. I even put them on my feet. But they have never left the house. I know I have a problem, but I think they are happier sitting on my shelf than they were sitting on the department store shelf.

7. I used to rodeo. Like Rocky Mountain Jeans rodeo. Growing up I had a horse (for 4-H) that I took to a couple of shows and another that I rode in play days. During one barrel race my cinch broke and the saddle slipped underneath the horse. I fell off and the horse stepped on me. I did not get back on for a while.

I tag:
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Caseyindallas said...

Nice! Gracias. We did get on the field...but weren't the ones who ran on while there was still time on the clock!! ha.

I'll do the same and tag you tomorrow! Have a great night :)

Jessica said...

Pink is my signature color..

Colleen said...

loving the new background. go wake up will with the results! and you can no longer make fun of my collections...you and your shoes.

Columbia Lily said...

i like the idea of keeping a public hit list at school....i'm going to start making that part of my discipline policy.

jori-o said...

Okay, the Next button? Random lists? Are you my long lost sister?? ;)