Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Good enough to eat

You know how I feel about candy corn. I'm sure there's some type of amphetamine ground up in there. Well, I found the perfect way to carry candy corns from Halloween to Thanksgiving. Last year we made the sugar cookies found in the header. This year (thanks to a random night at Chick-fil-a) we're trying these bad boys.


It takes 2 Oreos, 4 candy corns, one whopper and a little bit of icing. Pull one oreo apart and use it as the base. Stick the other oreo into the icing and stick it to the base. stick candy corns in the creme filling of the oreo to make feathers. Dip a whopper in icing and place it touching the oreo tail. Break off a piece of candy corn for the beak. You can also use some icing/gel to make eyes. Chick-fil-a had red gel which resulted in a very demonic turkey! Super simple. Super tasty!

P.S. Tonight's cheeseburger joes & sweet potato fries turned out great! the picture, not so much



Colleen said...

I am an idiot. I instantly thought whopper like from Burger King; not the chocolate malted goodness. You mentioned young un went there last week for grades, so it made complete sense to me.
Again, me = moron!

Jessica said...

I actually saved candy corn to make the cookies in your header! :) Last year I saw those and then I went looking for candy corn and it was no where to be found close to Thanksgiving. Thanks for the idea!

Columbia Lily said...

um, thanks for taunting me with mentions of chick-fil-a, which instantly makes me drool like I'm watching firefighters carry armloads of stray puppies. I've often claimed that demonic turkeys are the only way to go for Thanksgiving, it makes the turkey juicier with all that devil juice. =) But I do have a serious question: Do you like sweet potatoes anyway, or do you like them only as fries? I don't like sweet potatoes, but I've seen the fries on several different blogs and they look good.

Just say Julie said...

I love the sweet potatoes anyway. I can eat them baked with just a touch of butter. I do not like them with any of the brown suger/marshmallow yuckiness. But when I make fries with them I toss them in EVOO, salt and papirika. The young un loves them!

Jessica- Yay! I did learn to buy up the candy corn when it goes on clearance (the stuff lasts forever!) The kids will love making those cookies :)

Colleen- HAHAHAHA! I love it! And I will make a specail whopper turkey just for you :)