Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Time is on My Side

photo credit patrick hoff

As I looked back through the last year's worth of posts, and the ever looming birthday "to-do" list I realized that time seems to be a huge factor in my life. Shocking no? I'm always counting down to something, or rushing from one event to another or waiting for time to slow down. It's a vicious cycle that carries me from January to December.

Today, I opened an e-mail from a co-worker reminding me that there are 13 days left in January. 13 days to accomplish something this month. And that made me think, what if I set one goal each month to accomplish rather than a whole list of things? If I choose one project each month and set a goal for myself instead of starting half a dozen things and never completing them.

So that's what I've decided to do this year. Instead of making a thousand resolutions and wasting time, I'm going to set one goal at the start of each month (anything from weight loss to quilting to running a 5k) that will be my fait accompli.

My January goal is to organize my craft desk/space. It's become a little out of control after the holidays and is in desperate need of some decluttering before I embark on anything new for Valentine's Day.

What will you accomplish this month?

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Monica the Bride said...

I will hopefully lose another 2 pounds in the next 13 days. I also hope to sell more items from my Etsy store. Overally, I just want to be healthier the next 13 days than I was the last 13 days. It's all about improving!