Wednesday, August 5, 2009

When the parents come to town

The kitchen is still in a state of "almost but not quite" done-ness. I did not make my parents work on this vacation, as tempting as it was to have 4 extra hands instead of my lonely 2. We took a few days to play tourist in our neck of the woods.

First stop was Inner Space Caverns, a place the young un knows well. It was a great escape from the heat to be 90ft underground, but the humidity was at 98% in there---whew!
Another day trip we took was to the tiny town of Bandera, TX, known as the Cowboy Capitol of Texas. You may remember it from Simple Life Season 2 when Nicole and Paris work at the ranch. Yeah, I didn't remember that either, but it seemed to make an impact on the owners of the General Store. My dad has been looking forward to this visit since we first moved to Austin.Throw in a lazy float down the Comal River, and a fabulous root beer float from the general store and we had a picture perfect tourist day!


Mohan Kumar D said...
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Tricia said...

The rocks are awesome, and how much fun was panning for them!