Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Walk this way

See these feet.

These feet are tired. These feet pounded the pavement to 20 houses for 2 hours in the 105 degree heat. All to welcome a group of 6th grade students to their new campus and enjoy the confusion on their face when I introduced myself as not their teacher.
Wrap your brains around that one. That's right, I spent 2 hours greeting kids I don't teach, and won't teach for another 2 years. And touchphobe that I am, I squirmed my way through every uncomfortable handshake (I'm too socially awkward to master the fist bump) sweat pooling on my brow and running down my back. I'm pretty sure the last house thought I'd run a marathon through their neighborhood.
So begins another year. So ends my vacation in sanity.


Lindsay With Lindsay said...

Wow! Y'all go to people's houses to greet them? Now that's service!

Good luck this school year!

Columbia Lily said...

urgh. that's all i have to say about that.

Eva Gallant said...

wow... that's impressive!

I used to be a teacher...never made house calls, though.