Friday, April 29, 2011

The one with all the cookies

This week I hosted a shower for a co-worker here at school. One of her craving during pregnancy has been cookie dough, so I knew a Cookies and Milk theme would be perfect! I enlisted another teacher to set the plan in motion, and I think it turned out amazingly cute :)

We started out with these cute invitations made in picnik.

Because the library was the only location big enough for a crowd, we embraced the books and used them to lift flowers, and plates up off the tables. We had chocolate chip cookies, oatmeal, m&m cookies, brownies, rice krispie treats and lemon bars to munch on.

In lieu of a cake, I made chocolate chip cookie dough cupcakes that I had been salivating over thanks to Tidymom. (I will admit, I may have been a bit over ambitous in the cupcake arena and had to rely on store icing instead of homemade.) Are these not yummy looking?

Baby's name is Bear, so we played with little paper bear shapes on popsicle sticks stuck into flowers, brownies, and a quartet of Ikea planters filled with m&m's honored the little cookie :)

And you can't have cookies without milk! I really wanted to go the rout of Christy and find glass bottles to drink out of, but it wasn't to be. Instead we used cups and cute colored straws for our chocolate and regualr milk.

Take home bags were provided so everyone could take a few of their favorites with them as favors. There was nothing left by the end of theparty!

Here's mom to be and her baby dady-- aren't they cute :) We can't wait to meet baby Bear!

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