Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Spring Breakin'

Spring Break always seems like this constantly elusive time that ushers in the final countdown for the school year.Instead of a big vacation this year (we did just buy a house 5 months ago!) , we decided to play it low key with a visit to my parent's house in north Louisiana. We've also decided to pack as much fun as we could manage into our 11 days of Spring Break.

So far this week we've celebrated a birthday (Music Man is once again a whole year older than me!)

Rallied at the Capitol (saving our schools and teachers)

Enjoyed some nephew time (we practiced our surprise faces)

Re-learned to ride a bike (he's had a serious phobia ever since a bike wreck in kindergarten)

Enjoyed a little more nephew time (I mean, really, how can you not want to spend as much time with this cute little guy as possible?)

Played some redneck golf in the grandparent's front yard (No windows were hit)

And cheered on the ponies. (My favorite horse of the day? Iced Down Corona!)

It's only Wednesday and I'm already tired thinking of the rest of the week-- namely the 7 hour car trip we'll make back to Austin tomorrow!

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