Friday, December 11, 2009

It's a hard knock life

Just when I start to think Christmas break is a cruel joke to torture teachers, the days begin to fly by. This week was no exception. And while I'm thrilled to only have 5 more days of the insanity that marks the end of the semester, I'm also a little worried that maybe I'm not as ready for Christmas as I thought.
I wish I had some glamorous events that have been requiring my attention, but alas, it has just been the little things we've been plugging away at:

Monday- Starting the week off with morning cafeteria duty, especially when its 36 degrees outside so all the kids come inside, can just about kill you.

Tuesday- I spent all day in training. And had a wonderful lunch with some amazing teachers at La Madeline. It always amazes me that we spend all day in the same building, but never have time to really hang out and catch up. I figured it was probably time to decorate the naked Christmas tree that has been sitting in the living room since Dec 1st.

Wednesday- Recovering from Crossfit's cleans & pull ups was made even less fun by the fact that Austin was colder than Detroit. I stand by the statement made previously. I am not made for cold weather.

Thursday- Just when the week seems to be getting into a rhythm, BOOM! A distracted driver comes along to rear end your car. Lots of crying and hysteria ensued, all of it on her part. I took the time to really appreciate the warmth of gloves and scarves and an emergency blanket while waiting for the police to arrive. We're all ok, though the young un was walking around like a little old man this morning while coming down the stairs.

Friday- Easily the longest day of my life. Prepping kids for their exams that start Monday, running to Dr appointments to have everyone checked out from the previous night's fender bender, going back to school to pick up forgotten homework and a run to Blockbuster in our PJs.

I would say it's been a long crazy week, but as I look at it, it seems pretty par for the course for us. I'm hitting a few Craft fairs tomorrow, shopping on Amazon tonight and am determined to have all gifts taken care of by Sunday night.

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