Sunday, October 11, 2009

Oh oh oh it's magic...

This weekend's rain gave me lots of time to dig through Halloween decorations, and an excuse to try some projects I've had in the inspiration files. Last year I raided the dollar store Halloween items and armed myself with plenty of glitter and ribbon-- as if there's ever enough :) I try to mix in Halloween with my normal fall decor so I don't have to completely start over on November 1st.

One of my favorite inspiration sites is Family Fun Magazine. Last year the young un and I decided to make the CandleEyebra. Instructions can be found here, or you can take the Thrifty Decor Chick shortcut here.

If you haven't picked up the special Halloween edition, then you're in luck--- I have one copy to give away to a fabulous blog reader! All you have to do is leave me a comment telling me about your favorite Halloween costume. Mine was Velma (which you can see in my header) to compliment the young un's Scooby Doo obsession. I'll pick a winner Thursday morning at 7:00 A.M.

And with H1N1 season is full effect here in TX, a teacher can never have too much hand sanitizer. When I saw what Chris over on Just A Girl did for her co-teachers, I knew it would be the perfect October treat.
Whew! what a crafty weekend-- would you believe I did it all in my pajama pants? :) But, I feel productive and that's all that really matters right?


John Deere Mom said...

I am so jealous of your craftiness! I did do the hand sanitizer bottles for teachers/daycare ladies last May. They loved them! Love your Halloween version!

Augie said...

Hi Julie!!
I love your blog. Makes me smile and sometimes shake my head (your son's bruise-funny and been there, done that). I love your Halloween decor. Didn't get around to it this year since my hands are pretty full right now.

I see that you have a mag up for grabs - what did I have to do??? Oh, yeah, I don't have any favorite costumes...oh, no I do remeber one right now!! I was about 8 years old (before true embarrassment would have kept me from wearing this). My mom bought us costumes that were soldid colors (mine was orange), plastic and blew up like a beach ball. I kid-you-not! I walked around with a giant orage beach ball with big eyes, ears, nose and if I remember correctly there were antlers(as if it needed to be higher)! I affixed this thing to my head in a swim cap like fashion. Oh my gosh - was I insane! No wonder I blocked it out of my memory. But on a positive note, I was at no time in jeopardy of being hit by a car since the costume made me about 7 feet tall!! Crazy.