Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Orange Crush

Tonight I was in the mood for a little Orange Crush.


No, not that Orange Crush... This Orange Crush.

The young un started his fall baseball season tonight in the 10U age group. It's his first year with a "kid" pitcher and gave him quite a lot to think about, especially when the batter before him got a fast ball right to the shoulder blade!

Orange is not my color (I looked like a big traffic cone!) but I donned my new orange t-shirt and cheered them on.

We lost 8-4, but cookies made the loss a little easier to handle.

Also, we had a great quote come out of it:

I told the young un to hit the showers as soon as we got home and to make sure to wash the sweaty parts extra good. He replied- "Soon I'll have hair and then I'll be a man!" I fell on the floor laughing as he swaggered down the hall...


Deb said...

But a cute traffic cone!

Jessica said...

LOL!! The quote had me crackin' up and cringing of what is to come...my little boy and yucky hair... :(

Colleen said...

The quote from will was great, but so was the traffic cone statement!

Just say Julie said...

Seriously. The orange is not good. I feel like I should be in the woods hunting animals. It does not "reflect" well on the face :)

Heather said...

Ooooo...that last picture is so cool!!